Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Timeline component for Microsoft Dynamics 2011

The company xRM Consultancy has developed a free component that can display activities in the timeline, and it can give a good overview of the Customer (Company or Contacts) or Opportunity activities.

I have noted the following advantages and disadvantages with this component:


  • Provides a good overview of activities (Appointments, Email, Phone Calls, Tasks).
  • Quick navigation between activities.
  • Easy to open activities, to edit them directly from the timeline.
  • Easy to implement. Good implementation guide.
  • Supported browsers other than Internet Explorer (I tested the component in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox).
  • The component is free.


  • Can only handle such types of activity: Agreements, Email, Phone Calls and Tasks. That means that user defined activity is not supported.
  • You cannot filter by open or closed activities, or both.
  • Supported only English language, so all displayed fields in the component are in English. 
  • The component can only be used on Account, Contact and Opportunities.

Download: Timeline component...

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